Yesterday's Craftsmanship, Today's Technology


Yester-Tech LLC

Yester-Tech was created to share a lifetime of Aero-Space, Automotive and Racing experience with those individuals who wish to build / restore their own projects but would like some guidance.  Although our specialty is British and American classic our vast experience can be applied to vast range of projects.

We can provide focused assistance in the following areas:

  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Restoration
  • Traditional Metal Work
  • Fabricaton
  • Finishing

The guidance can range from a simple discussion, evaluation of a project / equipment, instruction in required skills or completing portions of a project a builder prefers not to tackle

No job is considered too small.  If it is important to you it will receive our complete  attention.  Besides it costs nothing to give us a call. 

Yester-Tech has scouts all over the central and western states.  They continually discover interesting projects.  Recent finds include a 1963 TR-4, 1972 Opel GT,  Corvettes, several old pickup trucks, 1938 Hudson, 1955 Nomad and a 1940 Cadillac.  If you are looking for  a special car or an interesting project contact us and we will add you to the mailing list notifing you of new finds.

BP and Gayle Wisniewski

Eastlake, Ohio

440-479-9136 or 440-479-9137